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This can be a real headache for eCommerce marketers, who frequently pit themselves against deep-pocket competitors for high-volume keywords and who can face penalties for not having a unique enough content strategy. Fortunately, there are a few steps that eCommerce marketers can take to ensure success with their search engine optimization efforts from adjusting page architecture to leveraging the right long-tail keywords, here are a few basic tricks to improve your eCommerce SEO.
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August 6th, 2020. Anna Powers Tracy Yotpo eCommerce SEO: How to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Store. Table Of Contents. Why SEO Matters for eCommerce. eCommerce Keyword Research: How to Choose Your Keywords. On-Page SEO for eCommerce: Optimization and Keyword Targeting. 7 Technical SEO Considerations for eCommerce Sites. How Reviews Can Improve Your SEO. For eCommerce retailers, if you build it, they will come isnt a customer-attracting strategy; its a mantra that will cause brands to languish in Googles search results.
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Reach out to these sites and ensure that they attach a relcanonical tag to the content, thereby giving your website the SEO juice for published work. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, interlinking is the means by which webmasters link pages to other pages within the same website. This is an important technique to employ as doing so can help merchants boost rankings for various pages. On the same token, retailers do not want to over-link; therefore, keep interlinks to about one per 100 words. Mind you, interlinking is not merely about passing SEO juice from page to page; though, this is a part of it. Interlinking also helps to create a cohesive site structure and improve the user experience by allowing visitors to quickly move between connected pages, thereby increasing time on site and user satisfaction. As mentioned numerous times throughout this guide, eCommerce websites must be user-friendly.
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Setting up social profiles, managing PPC campaigns, and monitoring SEO are essential on-going tasks. Having a marketing specialist take care of all these can take the pressure off your shoulders and improve the performance of your campaigns. That said, remember that this will also increase your marketing costs. With this in mind, the more resources you invest in your online store, the higher the chance of attracting potential customers, so its also worth evaluating how profitable each service may turn out to be. Emergency Services and Additional Work. Flash promotions, new partnerships, and early service rollouts are great examples of scenarios that require emergency services and additional work. Fannit has spent years curating a team of experts that can handle emergency work and deliver the same quality even when faced with a reduced turnaround. These projects are usually out of the scope of the initial agreement, but they always end up as a success for our clients. Our Approach to Ecommerce SEO. Ecommerce is among the most competitive industries out there with thousands of companies competing for those first-page rankings.
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Key Takeaways to Remember. SEO is key to the success of any modern business, not only because it can increase your visibility and reach online, but also because it can help you boost sales by driving more traffic to your site, providing you with more opportunities to convert leads into customers, and giving you the tools you need to increase conversion rates.
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For example, if the page URL is automatically set to the product name, and can't' be edited without changing the product name, we do not consider the Page URLs feature to be available. Drupal Commerce is a unique case in which the features are actually for Drupal, not Drupal Commerce specifically. Having control over these elements is an important part of on-site SEO, which we will elaborate more on later in the post. Be sure to consider the SEO implications of the platform you decide to work with. Keyword Research for Ecommerce.
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So how do eCommerce companies improve SEO? Here are a few key areas to cover to move up the search ranks.: Present personalized products and suggestions.: For eCommerce SEO, the technical aspects hold even more weight since content and keywords are not primary.
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So I wanted to share just 3x long term case studies from my fully managed ecommerce SEO clients. Youll get a look at. Their organic traffic history. Their sales history. So without further ado. Case Study 1: Furniture Ecommerce Store. One of my clients was a well-established furniture store with a relatively limited but natural link profile. Their main challenge was they were competing for their main keywords with giant e commerce brands such as Ikea, Tesco, and Marks and Spencers, among others. Due to the high competition, their company couldnt rank their pages on the first two pages of Google for their main keywords. To make matters worse, they were struggling to rank for long tail keywords as well. With the help of my agency, we conducted a full audit and kicked off a 3 pronged link building campaign. First we built links to the homepage to improve the sites domain authority and bring initial traffic growth.
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SEO for eCommerce websites has the power to get you in the top spots of the search results. Finding people ready to buy your products through organic search is one of the most profitable ways to increase sales. There are smart ways to increase search engine visibility for eCommerce websites. Weve worked with large multinational eCommerce sites down to small startup stores and gotten incredible results for our eCommerce clients. Request your free eCommerce SEO review and plan now. eCommerce SEO is Different. Basic principles of SEO Search Engine Optimisation never change. But eCommerce sites present their own set of challenges. That could be duplicate content or optimising category pages with thin content. Not to mention optimisation of product pages that are relying on boilerplate descriptions. The complexity that eCommerce websites bring means you need an SEO agency that know what to do.
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For example, at Cloudways, we offer an optimized stack that comes integrated with four different cache options that improve page performance and decrease site load time. 1 Ecommerce Website Structure. The structure of your ecommerce website should be simple so that the link juice flows from top to bottom smoothly. In the above image, each product page is only three clicks away from the homepage. Homepage Category Sub Category Product. There is an unofficial rule among UX/UI developers known as the 3-click rule. According to this, you must reconsider any page that requires more than three clicks to navigate back to your homepage. Dont complicate the user journey! 2 Add Breadcrumbs. You can also optimize website architecture by adding breadcrumbs. The breadcrumb trail is useful for both web designers and SEO experts. It helps Google bots better understand your websites hierarchy, and helps online visitors better comprehend their current position on your website.

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